In-work poverty

Publisher: EAPN
Date: 2019

EAPN has decided to share knowledge and give visibility to promising practices that have been able to address positively the crucial issue of in-work poverty. This is a compendium collecting promising practices around tackling in-work poverty, whether they are policy, projects or campaigns. The rationale behind this work is to draw from experience of people directly involved in these processes to offer an overview of what seems to be working in the fight against in-work poverty. This compendium will complement our ongoing policy work in the framework of the European Semester, including on the delivery on the Europe 2020 Strategy poverty- and other social targets, and the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Authors: Ramon Peña Casas, Dalila Ghailani, Slavina Spasova, Bart Vanherke
Publisher: European Commission
Date: May 2019

Getting people into quality jobs is key to achieving the European Union’s ambition of fostering upward convergence in living standards across all Member States. However, while working is generally considered as the best way to avoid poverty, this is not sufficient for almost one out of ten European workers. This report produced by the European Social Policy Network (ESPN) shows that addressing in-work poverty remains a key challenge— in spite of the wide array of existing policies and policy reforms underway. Beyond the damaging consequences for European societies, in-work poverty signals a fundamental social unfairness: working is not a guarantee for avoiding poverty.

Authors: Claudio Lucifora, Valentina Ferraris
Date: 2014
Presentazione al CNEL, 1 luglio 2014


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